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We know you want 100% uptime from your industrial filtration equipment and replacement filters. We're here to support you in reaching your targets, a commitment to your needs. 

Our Brands
Who we are.

Filtration focused 

We are industrial filtration experts, working across liquid and gas processes. We work with significant global businesses, with specialized engineering consultancies, national distributors and local channel partners.

Our difference. 

Engaged expertise

We seek to connect our expertise, taking a lifetime approach to projects. From engineering the solution, specifying original equipment, and manufacturing to meet your exacting standards, we strive to produce, install, service, and support your business with replacement filters available ahead of time.

solving challenges.

how we work

We are focused on solving the filtration challenges of our clients and their ultimate clients. Harnessing decades of project experience to deliver the right solution. 

delivering filtration.

who we work with

We work right across the industrial supply chain. Our filters are in manufacturing plants, in power systems, transportation, and in current and future energy creation and storage. 

Adding value

Enhancing your business

We work with our customers to develop systems that improve processes, reduce costs, and boost your quality of output.

Our experience of working with demanding engineering teams around the world enables us to deliver a level of service that enhances your project, business, and reputation.


Current energy

We have decades of experience working with the companies that ensure our existing energy supply. 

Future energy 

Our filters are already embedded in future energy systems, from synthetic fuel production, hydrogen production and storage, and carbon capture. 


We are proud to be a trusted and relied on core component in multiple major industrial power generation systems.

Industrial manufacturing 

Our liquid and air filtration systems are relied upon across industrial manufacturing plants and processes. 

Consumer manufacturing 

Our filtration systems are key to the efficient working and quality of production in multiple types of consumer manufacturing.

Marine and aviation 

Our filtration systems are used across multiple processes in commercial, industrial, and military applications. 

our brands


Airpel offers fluid handling filtration solutions with single filters, dual filters, and labor-saving self-cleaning filters. Airpel filters enable the removal of solids from liquid flows in a wide range of applications.


Dollinger are proud to offer cutting-edge contaminant removal systems that dramatically improve air and fluid quality, safeguarding production equipment and are able to work under extreme conditions.


Plenty offer a range of high quality filters, separators and strainers covering both gases and liquids across different pressures, with backflush, self-cleaning and coalescer options available.


Vokes filtration, coalescer and oil mist eliminator products are key in the treatment of insulating fluids, the filtration and clarification of fuel and lubricating oil, and the elimination of harmful and potentially explosive oil mist from air. Our products will protect and extend the working lifespan of your equipment. 

future focus

Commitment to now and the future

We are here to support the needs of today, but also committed to the emerging industries that will be the sources of energy, of power, and to the changes in manufacturing and transportation that will define our next decade. 

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How can we help you? What do you need to achieve? Contact us, and one of our team will be in touch. 

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